Thom en el Dead Air Space

Thom ha posteado de nueva cuenta en el Dead Air Space y entre otras cosas, confirmo que han vuelto al estudio y estan trabajando con Mike Stent. Esto es lo que Thom ha posteado:


wish away the nightmare
wish away the nightmare
you got a light you can feel it on your back
you got a light you can feel it on your back
you just got paid
you just got paid

so here we are with spike stent in our studio which now looks like NASA.
and we are being taken to task.
we ar e having to shake the dust off. no more bullshit.
stop answering the phones and thinking of excuses to leave the building.
instead get on with it.
jonny said today that since we were last radiohead, between us, we’ve had six children or rather our partners have, this may perhaps have something to do with our lack of focus.
but as this rock n roll we aint supposed to discuss this.. deny it every happened etc. what bullshit.
ofcourse there ar ethe other distractions,
sitting in the garden with your 12bore shotgun,
large orchestras doing drum machine noises,
getting suits made,
canal boats,
modular synthesis,
tax investigations,
global warming and the end of life as we know it,



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